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MailSimply by Multiplepath Communications

Why use mailSimply?


Each voter thinks differently. Women and men, seniors and college students, liberals and conservatives. Why waste your resources on delivering your message to the wrong audience? Why not target a specific audience? Costly television advertising is broadcast to thousands of households without regard to voter registration. A piece of mail, fax, or voice broadcast can be sent exclusively to voters, ensuring that your campaign is not wasting time and money reaching people who will not vote.

These methods allow you to be more issue intensive. Unlike broadcast media you can go into further detail about a candidate’s stance on the issues. This is important for voters who care about one issue or another. It can also allow a candidate to give his endorsement for lesser known candidates, offices, and positions.

Getting your message before the voting public can make the difference in a close election. More than 50 members of Congress elected in 2004 achieved a vote margin of less than 10 percent, a difference of just a few thousand voters. Strategically placed direct mail, faxes or voice broadcasts can drive the right group to the polls to help make the difference between success and failure.

MailSimply, our full-service product, is perfect for any organization that is in need of a turnkey solution for direct mail through the US Postal Service. Our staff will handle all aspects of each mail broadcast. Whether it is helping you design your mailer or managing your database, or even assisting your campaign in acquiring a list of addresses, PoliticalEdge.com will get your message to the desired locations quickly and cost-effectively.

mailsimply by Multiplepath Communications
  • CASS, DPV, NCOA address verification and database updates
  • Merge, print and fold documents, address, and seal and post envelopes
  • Special requests for specific mail-out dates can be met
  • Custom merging available
  • Completion report e-mailed and/or faxed to your campaign headquarters upon completion of mailing
  • Detailed online reports and data access
  • Client spends minimal time sealing, mailing and distributing, freeing more time for core campaign responsibilities
  • No equipment or software requirements
  • No training necessary
  • Database management
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