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PoliticalEdge.com   PoliticalEdge.com uses cutting-edge technology to help your organization reach the right voters. It enables you to communicate with your supporters and swing voters on a more personalized level than you ever thought possible. You can reach your target audience with the message you choose, within your budget, and schedule a broadcast to meet your timeline by using our state of the art products and services.
  PoliticalEdge.com is the solution that allows you to reach the voting public by direct mail, voice broadcasting, fax broadcast, email broadcasting or any combination.
  • VoiceSimply – Our voice broadcasting service will get your message to thousands of households within hours. You can quickly and cost-effectively deliver a primary message for live-answer calls, or an alternate message for answering machines. This is an excellent way to remind people to vote on Election Day.
  • MailSimply – Our full service turnkey mail product, which will deliver your message by the US Postal Service. Our staff will handle all aspects of each mail broadcast. Whether it is helping you design your mailer or managing your database, we will get your message to the desired locations quickly and cost-effectively.
  • eSimply – Our full service e-mail broadcasting has been proven a powerful method of sending information. eSimply can be utilized to get your campaign message out to thousands of voters instantly.
  • FaxSimply – Our full service product is perfect for any organization that is in need of a solution for document distribution. We can handle all aspects of your fax broadcast, from custom merging to managing your database. This is an invaluable tool when you want your message delivered the same day.
  PoliticalEdge.com is committed to delivering your broadcast message in a timely and cost effective manner with whichever service you choose.

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