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eSimply by MultiplePath Communications

Why use eSimply?

Our e-mail broadcast solution - Technology is changing every day and so is the way people communicate. While fax broadcasting continues to be one of the most effective vehicles for delivering your message, e-mail broadcasting is also a proven and powerful method of sending information. eSimply is the perfect addition to your fundraising and campaigning efforts.
esimply by Multiplepath Communications
  • Combination fax and e-mail broadcasts are available with integrated reporting
  • Send to both fax and e-mail records from your database
  • Send e-mail if fax fails or if no fax number appears in your database
  • Send fax if e-mail fails or if no e-mail address appears in your database
  • Reporting with up-to-date statistics
  • Certified receipt including date/time message was opened
  • Click through rates for each link in your broadcast
  • Download databases for most statistics
  • Our in-house media design studio can create a high impact HTML e-mail
  • Personalized e-mail with merged with merged content from your database available
  • Opt-out link
  • Inline or hosted linked attachments available
  • Instant delivery of your e-mail to multiple destinations saves you time and money
  • High bandwidth hosting of your content, assuring quick and easy viewing of your message
  • Text-only versions are automatically created and embedded in every e-mail for viewing by older systems to ensure compatibility
  • Detailed reports allow you to learn and retain important information on the effectiveness of your message and the habits of voters and contributors
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